By Vanessa Malone

Blockchain Week NYC 2019 is upon us! Enter thousands of innovative companies, thought leaders and blockchain enthusiasts to the 2nd annual week of conferences, meet-ups, and events dedicated to the growth of the crypto and blockchain industry. While the center of it all is Consensus, there are more than 40 other events surrounding it. This makes it easy to get caught up in the hype. Here’s a quick guide to help you get the most out of your week.

1. Set goals

Why are you here? Is it to generate leads, increase exposure for your company, to find solutions for something your company is lacking, to meet specific people?

Whatever the reasons, it’s useful to write them down along with tangible steps that will help you accomplish your goals. This could be as simple as passing out 20 business cards per event or speaking to representatives from particular companies you’ve identified as having the solutions you need. If your goal is business development, identify the companies or individuals that best align with your needs for each event and make an effort to seek them out.

2. Map out the best use of time

Now that you’ve pinpointed why you’re attending blockchain week, it’s time to align your schedule with your goals. Do some homework to identify the specific events, panels, and speakers that will add value. CoinDesk provides a list of events that are a part of Blockchain Week you can check out here. Have a whole team with you? Great, divide and conquer to get the information you need and reconvene at the end of each day to discuss your findings.

Just be sure to attribute time and energy to what matters most to you and your strategy. Sure, that third happy hour looks great, but at what point do those start having a negative ROI?

3. Share your findings on social.

All eyes are on New York for what is arguably the largest blockchain event of the year. A look at Google trends shows peak interest for searches related to “blockchain week NYC” during this time. Even the recent spikes in the crypto markets are being correlated with the upcoming week.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain exposure and new followers by sharing what events you or your company are attending. Have some news that will impact the industry? Insert yourself into the conversation with company announcements and insights that you’re learning at the events. Engage the community with relevant hashtags pertaining to the industry. For example, the hashtag “BlockchainWeekNYC” seems to be the most active.

4. Find ways to stand out.

Amidst the sea of people you’re meeting and stacks of business cards you’re swapping, it can be easy to lose the opportunity to make meaningful connections.

One big way to stand out is to do your homework. You should’ve already identified the people you want to meet and why you want to meet them. Do a quick search of the companies’ latest news or an individual’s LinkedIn to skip over the basics and jump into a more productive conversation. Afterward, jot down a couple of notes on your phone about what you talked about. Especially for high-value targets, it’ll make a stronger impression when you mention how much you enjoyed talking about a particular subject and ask to pick up where you left off.

5. Schedule meetings!

Strike while the iron is hot. Reach out for impromptu meetups, drinks, lunches, and dinners with potential clients or partners during the week. It’s a great time to establish relationships and kickstart your participation in the growth of the industry.

Taking our own advice, Horizon is offering meetings with digital securities issuers, blockchain, and financial service providers to meet Horizon’s leadership team, learn about its advanced technology solutions for potential integrations and expedite participation in the new age of securities. To schedule a meeting, please reach us at

Here’s to a successful and productive blockchain week!

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