By Sandra Quinn

This time last year, on September 15, 2017, we here at Horizon Globex were busy little bees analysing the reaction, reach and readership for our brand new shiny blog section over on our website

In the past year, we have published one new blog every Sunday (keep an eye on our Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook accounts for weekly links), looking at a different aspect of technology, gadgets, the blockchain, mining or cryptocurrency and as we have brought you, the reader, along this blogging journey with us, we have loved reading your comments, seeing that you have shared our content or even seeing that you have hit the Like button.

To celebrate our first year of blogging, we decided to take a look back at our favourite picks from the blogs – take a look, you might find a gem that you missed. Happy reading from all of us here at Horizon Globex.

  • Of course, our debut blog had to make the cut, talking about how apps like the one from Horizon Globex help to keep families connected in times of emigration, working abroad and being separated from loved ones – Read the full blog here.
  • In many sectors and industries, such as healthcare, the military, law and others, keeping communications in-house is of the utmost importance, read more here – Read the full blog here.
  • The Smart Roamer app helps to keep loved ones connected and you can read here in one of our blogs how it keeps love alive – Read the full blog here.
  • To coincide with Valentine’s Day, Horizon Globex gave people the opportunity to seal their love in forever online using a digital certificate saved on the blockchain – Read the full blog here.
  • These days, it is impossible to run a successful business without the aid of technology – Read the full blog here.
  • To celebrate International Women’s Day, we looked at the contribution of women to the tech sector – Read the full blog here.
  • Blockchain technology plays an integral part in everyday life, but more so in the world of business – Read the full blog here.
  • Have you ever thought about the value of the information and data you give away for free when you sign up to a free website or download a free app – Read the full blog here.
  • Movies are often the stuff of dreams, works of fiction, but over time, some of the seemingly far fetched inventions from the movie world have made their way into our smart homes of today – Read the full blog here.
  • Blockchain innovation is not only about looking forward to the opportunities of the future and bringing ground breaking technology to the fore, it can also be about social inclusion with the innovation that is Talketh from Horizon Globex – Read the full blog here.
  • Digital assistants have their benefits, but they will never replace human contact – Read the full blog here.

We hope you enjoyed our little highlight selection and if you had a favourite blog that we didn’t include, let us know in the comments.