Bitcoin and Ether Crypto Exchange-Traded Funds “ETFs” Market Overview

ETF overview and what Upstream aims to do for the ETF market By Anastasia Samaras  2024 has seen a surge in launches and regulatory approvals of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for cryptocurrencies. On January 10th, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved the first-ever U.S.-listed exchange-traded fund (ETF) designed to track the performance of bitcoin (BTC). The […]Continue Reading

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GlobexUS (Horizon) Invites Retail Investors to Own a Piece of the Proprietary Trading and Exchange Technology Powering Upstream, The Global Stock Trading App

Investment opportunities are now open to investors of all levels globally to share in any potential growth as the parent company works to scale As you know, Upstream, a MERJ Exchange market, is powered by the innovative technology of GlobexUs Holdings Corp (Horizon). This forward-thinking company is currently undergoing a capital raise. Read the press release […]Continue Reading

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Horizon CTO Delivers ISE Blockchain Module to the University of Limerick

Dr. Andy Le Gear leads the Immersive Software Engineering (ISE) Blockchain Module at the University of Limerick. Horizon is the technology powering Upstream. By Anastasia Samaras Dr. Andy Le Gear, Horizon’s Chief Technology Officer, wrote and delivered the ISE Blockchain Module. The course is for 2nd Year, Block 8 students on the ISE course at […]Continue Reading

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Dual Listing Process on Upstream

A streamlined guide for issuers dual listing on Upstream By Anastasia Samaras Recently, we’ve discussed the benefits of dual listing, including reaching a wider audience, engaging with international investors, and helping to propel your company’s growth. We’ve also addressed key considerations issuers face when embarking on a dual listing strategy, such as navigating regulatory hurdles, pricing, […]Continue Reading

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Leveraging Dual Listing to Attract International Investment

By Anastasia Samaras Imagine you’re a growing company with a bright future. You’ve captured the attention of domestic investors, but there’s a whole world of potential investors out there. Diversifying your investor base is a key strategy for public companies but how do you work to accomplish this? Dual listing can be your passport to […]Continue Reading

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Turning roadshows into potential dollars- dual listing strategy for issuers

By Anastasia Samaras Roadshows are a cornerstone of any successful listing. They generally take place in major cities around the world and are meant to drum up interest in an upcoming offer. However, issuers often face a gap between generating excitement and securing capital from global retail investors.  Why? Traditional processes can come with too […]Continue Reading

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Maximize engagement with digital collectible airdrops

By Anastasia Samaras The world of digital collectibles is overflowing with exciting possibilities, and airdrops are a fantastic way to unlock their potential for brands, companies, and their audiences. But what exactly are digital collectible airdrops, and why are they such a powerful tool for fan engagement? Imagine receiving a unique, digital gift - a commemorative keepsake, […]Continue Reading

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Upstream modernizing shareholder engagement

Increasing opportunities for issuers to engage with their shareholders on Upstream’s market By Anastasia Samaras Imagine a world where shareholders become loyal customers and customers become invested shareholders. This innovative vision is at the heart of Upstream’s digital shareholder rewards, added value for companies to boost shareholder engagement, and enhance investor relations (IR) through dual […]Continue Reading

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Upstream Up Close: Dual Listing Program

Expanding Opportunities for Issuers & Global Investors By Anastasia Samaras This week, The Upstream team hosted the 12th episode of their “Upstream Up Close” series on Twitter Spaces. This ongoing series features 10–15 minute discussions on the exciting world of digital collectibles, Web3, and trading on the Upstream, MERJ Exchange market, platform. Episode 12 delved […]Continue Reading

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Trading without all of the middlemen on Upstream

Bypass broker fees and hidden costs with Upstream By Anastasia Samaras Upstream’s vision is to become the premiere global trading app from which global retail investors can access equities from all markets.  Upstream, a MERJ Exchange market, features streamlined onboarding, direct access to the exchange, transparent orderbooks, no market manipulations, and real-time settlements, redefining the future […]Continue Reading

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