By Sandra Quinn

Last week, our weekly blockchain blog looked at companies from across the globe making waves in the world of blockchain technology, but sometimes people need to see the larger corporate bodies depending on the technology before they take the leap.

  • IBM is well-established as one of the world’s largest tech companies and their innovative branch – IBM iX runs a blockchain development centre focusing on using the blockchain within areas such as food supply, FinTech, supply chain, governance and others.
  • BitFury were founded in 2012 and they are one of the largest providers of blockchain infrastructure working on both hardware and software solutions for businesses, governments, organisations and individuals so that they can move assets securely across the blockchain. They have offices in the Netherlands, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Moscow and London.
  • American Express is using blockchain technology as a way of giving vendors more control over membership rewards.
  • Facebook have plans to use blockchain technology across their business model.
  • Ford are looking at ways to use blockchain technology to control traffic flow.
  • Goldman Sachs bank have plans to develop their own bitcoin trading desk.
  • Amazon have partnered with ConsenSys, who we mentioned in last week’s blog.
  • Siemens have invested in L03, a blockchain energy start-up, which works by helping neighbours to buy and sell solar power directly to each other.
  • Nestle, Walmart and Pfizer are all looking at blockchain technology for a way to improve supply chains.

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