By Sandra Quinn

Ten years ago, back in 2008, the first ripples of the blockchain wave were seen online when Satoshi Nakamoto came up with the concept and it has taken a decade for people to explore the possibilities, develop ideas around it and now it has been embraced by the technological world.

In the past year, it has been nigh on impossible to read a technology article, which does not refer to the blockchain, cryptocurrency, ethereum, bitcoin or mining.

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The possibilities of blockchain are endless and the R&D department of Horizon Globex have been busy coming up with innovations for real world uses of the blockchain, which will make a true and positive impact on society.

One such innovation is Talketh, the world’s first telephone network that you can pay for using the blockchain.

By bringing the blockchain into the telecommunications world, it offers opportunities, equality, affordability and social inclusion to those who don’t have access to banking or credit cards.

In many ways, this is democratising the way we communicate and levelling the playing field.

Invented and patented in Switzerland, the internet calls from Talketh work all over the world and even on slower 2G and 3G network in emerging economies.

This is a ground breaking and innovative way of bringing cryptocurrency into the hands of ordinary people across the world.

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