By Sandra Quinn

Blockchain technology is bringing more and more benefits into our everyday lives on a weekly basis with new innovations emerging all of the time, but for businesses, compliance can be a major stumbling block.

When a company issues tokens, it can be difficult to ensure that they are maintaining compliance with all of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules and regulations.

One of the new branches of Globex, addresses this need and eliminates this worry about compliance for companies.

The SEC is an American independent federal Government agency and they are responsible for protecting investors, maintaining fair and orderly functioning of securities markets and facilitating capital formation.

They regulate the nation’s securities industry, as well as stock and option exchanges including the electronic securities markets.

Their work and being compliant with their rules and regulations means that things like fraud and deception can be prevented and that the financial activities can be regulated and overseen.

For the investor, when they know the company is SEC compliant, it means that they know there is transparency, honest and protection there for them.

By allowing a designated Transfer Agent to act as a custodian of an investor’s blockchain assets, the CustodyWare solution allows the investor to securely manage their holdings.

“Impersonation of the investor or the Transfer Agent is prevented, as all transactions need to be cryptographically signed by the Transfer Agent. CustodyWare allows Transfer Agents to manage blockchain holdings on behalf of their clients reducing duplication and ensuring safe, transparent custodianship of assets,” the website explains.

Through a variety of services, CustodyWare takes the hassle, worry and anxieties out of compliance by looking after things like;

  • A hosted web portal, so the company does not have to establish, maintain and monitor their own data centre infrastructure. CustodyWare also uses the latest Azure cloud services and iOS and Android app provisioning to host and manage everything.
  • On-site Know Your Customer (KYC) storage maintaining all local and international laws around data protection by guaranteeing that personal data is never present on physical storage other than their own device.
  • Around the clock IT support should the company encounter any issues.
  • There are trusteeship business processes for long-term holds and release of ownership.
  • All major Transfer Agent functions, such as issuance, custody, transfer, query, reporting, affiliates and release are all supported.
  • CustodyWare provide for all of the company’s reporting needs by combining anonymised blockchain data with the secure storage of personal information to deliver extensive and compliant shareholder reports.
  • The white-labelled app product lines for both iOS and Android means that a branded product can be delivered to the company’s specifications without delay.
  • Vitally, CustodyWare provides a compliant PIN secured hard drive to indefinitely store the gathered client data in accordance with SEC regulations for Sec Rule 17A-4(F) compliance.

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