By Sandra Quinn

Join me for a few moments – we are going to go on a journey.

Sixty years ago, you had your first child and you imagined a future filled with children and grandchildren, but never imagined that a great grandchild would arrive in your lifetime.

As each little bundle of joy arrived, you eagerly awaited going to see them in their home and having that first precious cuddle.

When one of your granddaughters moved to Australia a few years ago, you knew she would find her feet and discover a whole new side to herself on these new horizons.

This is the story of Ita Burke and her granddaughter Eve and their story is repeated in families all over the world.

While many older people are embracing what technology has to offer, Ita just felt that she was past the point of learning new technologies, now being in her eighties and so getting to chat to Eve was a real rarity.

From when Eve first arrived on the foreign shores, she would be in regular contact with her parents and siblings using various social media apps, but for her grandmother, these options just were not available.

You can imagine her delight when a few months ago, her landline rings and it is none other than Eve calling from down under.

Using Globex Call, Eve was able to call her grandmother’s house for a fraction of the usual cost.

“It was fantastic to be able to call my grandmother on her own phone, which she is used to and not to have to worry about her trying to figure out an app on someone else’s phone,” she said.

“Calling my grandmother has now become part of my weekly routine and she really looks forward to our chats.”

She also uses the app to contact friends and family, with the added advantage that the person she is calling doesn’t have to be online to receive the call.

“I have said goodbye to the days of scheduling calls to tie in with when someone will be at home and on the wifi,” Eve added.