By Sandra Quinn

Over the next month, all of the little people in your life will be busy poring over toy catalogues, paying eagle-eyed attention to toy adverts on television and YouTube and listening to what other children are wanting to get for Christmas, as they prepare to draft their letters to Santa.

In that way, children are very lucky, as the big man in the North Pole grants their wishes, in so far as is possible, adheres to their lists and on Christmas morning, many, if not all, items from their wishlist are neatly wrapped and waiting for them under the tree.

With adults (or big boys and girls really) there is a lot less guidance and if you are hoping to pick up the next big thing in the world of gadgets and tech toys, you won’t be so lucky as to have a letter or wishlist to refer to for help and guidance.

On that note, here in Horizon Globex HQ, we pooled our resources and came up with our top picks for this Christmas for the big kids in your life (or even as a cheeky present to yourself);

  • Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphones – These are the latest innovation in wireless headphone technology. In an era where many of us commute to work via train, tram or bus, good headphones are a must have. Whether you are listening to or watching TED talks, catching up on your favourite podcast or winding down on a Friday on your way home with a bit of Netflix, these headphones are great. Offering technology, which is both sweat proof and waterproof, they are perfect for working out, heading to the gym or engaging in sports. They are, of course, compatible with all smartphones and feature a microphone, remote and volume control and the great news is that they come in under €85 (do shop around a bit to get the best price), so they won’t break the bank and promise to last the test of time.
  • Pocket/Portable Projector – Have you ever been caught off-guard or less prepared than you would like and find yourself in a situation where you have to give an impromptu presentation? Have you been with your family or other half and you are both huddled over a smartphone screen trying to watch the latest instalment of your current binge TV series or have you come home from holidays and wanted to share the exotic snaps with loved ones, but haven’t brought your computer? These are just some of the situations where a pocket projector really comes into its own. There are a lot on the market to choose from and they vary in price from around €600 right down to €150 or so. For business travellers who need to the get the most from the product, the AAXA M6 Micro Projector is pricey, but worth it. For a middle of the road purchase, but if you still want to project from multiple sources, the Philips Pocket Projector PPX4350 Wireless is a great option, while the Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector comes in easiest on the pocket and is perfect for watching videos on the go.
  • Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera – This is an expensive purchase and will set you back a fair few quid, but worth it for the real camera enthusiast in your life. It offers 4K video, stunning images in even the lowest of lights, advanced autofocus and is retro-styled and weather sealed.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 – Available for both PlayStation and Xbox, this game was developed by the creators of much loved Grand Theft Auto and is a Western themed action adventure video game and is the third instalment of the Red Dead series.
  • Playstation Classic – The release of the Playstation Classic offers resounding proof that retro gaming is back and is here to stay. The PlayStation 1 is now a quarter of a century old, so this was the perfect time for Sony to bring their classic model to the eager market. Offering 20 mini games and HDMI out, and comes out just in time for Christmas, but be sure to add yourself to waiting lists at your local stores to avoid disappointment, as it is always a risk to buy a major present component in December. It has the look and feel of the classic game from 25 years ago and offers a simple plug and play solution, so there aren’t loads of cables to be messing about with. Sticking to a true retro gaming feel, the controllers are the classic controllers without the analogue sticks and it is almost half the size of the original console.
  • Talketh Credit – If you are travelling or hoping to keep in touch with loved ones who are abroad, getting them call credit for their Talketh app is the perfect way for them to stay connected with home, for a competitive price. Check it out on