By Sandra Quinn

As the New Year approaches and we are all getting over the Christmas season of over eating, over drinking, switching off and generally over indulging in all things luxurious, it is time to think about the tech treats you might want to pick up in the January sales.

Here are a few of our top picks, with treats for every age group, taste and budget.

  • After all of the eating, drinking and sitting around at Christmas, many of us are going to get back into the swing of things and get back on track with our fitness routine, but with the cold weather biting, it can be hard to stay motivated. A cosy beanie hat with built-in Bluetooth headphones could be just the key – it means that you can get out and get your walk, jog or run into your schedule while keeping warm and not having to worry about how you will keep listening to music and keep focused.
  • The Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation is one to look for – this has a number of features more advanced than the original, sports a 10-inch HD screen and gives you a snazzy black colour option.
  • For a funky trinket for a loved one, the Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger Box is a great find. You give the lovebox to your special someone and every time you send them a message through the app, the lovebox will activate, the heart on the box will spin and they will open the box and see the message you just sent them. It is kind of like a meeting of old and new worlds and brings a novel romantic touch to a simple text message giving it a bit more ceremony.
  • Is there someone in your life who constantly drops their phone and forks out a pretty penny for screen replacements? Think about getting the Otter box case for the iPhone lover in your life. It is durable, comes in a variety of designs and colour options, is lightweight and protects against impacts, drops, falls and shocks, while the slight upper lip also means that the case will hit the floor and not the screen, so you will avoid the catastrophe of a shattered screen.
  • Someone forgetful in your life who is always losing their phone, keys, wallet or anything else? The Tile Combo pack of two could be the very thing to save them from angst, worry and plenty of headaches. This nifty little device connects to an app and it will ring where your lost things are and even allow you to track them on a map – say goodbye to lost items in your daily life. Upgraded from the original version, this device covers a distance of up to 200 feet and the two-pack allows you to track twice the number of items.