By Sandra Quinn

Since the blockchain started making its way into everyday conversation with tech innovators and R&D departments, people have been brainstorming about ways to bring the technology into the daily lives of ordinary people.

Horizon Globex have achieved that objective with their blockchain-powered telecommunications app Talketh.

Have you ever thought about how difficult and cumbersome it would be to try to get a top-end smartphone without bill pay, or how you would top it up without a credit card or bank account? All of these things depend on you being able to set up Direct Debits, provide previous billing information and having a financial online presence.

These are not problems often faced by developed countries, but in developing countries, there are huge numbers of people relying on 2G and 3G networks, instead of the 4G or wifi you may be using and they are also unbanked without any access to the conventional credit cards, online banking and other conveniences we rely on so much.

Come with me for a moment, as we paint a picture in your mind’s eye.

       You are a man in your thirties with a young family living in Zimbabwe and you work on a local farm to make a living. You have five siblings and many cousins and all of your siblings and most of your cousins have moved to other countries for work. Your family is so close that being this far away is very hard on all of you, so you rely on phone communications to keep the family close. However, the costs from your primary mobile provider are so high that much of your wages are spent on calling and messaging your loved ones. Then one day, thanks to Talketh, everything changes. Your employer has a bank account and is very tech savvy. He wants to start paying you in cryptocurrency, which in theory is great, but what could you actually spend it on? With Talketh, some of your wages can be paid in cryptocurrency and used to top up your phone account, meaning that you can now call and text your loved ones for a fraction of the price.

This is just one example of bringing the blockchain technology into people’s lives in a meaningful and socially inclusive way.

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