By Sandra Quinn

For the past two years, the blockchain has come into its own and has been taking over the world of technology, while its uses in the real world have been filtering into the news.

For many people, the blockchain is still somewhat of an abstract concept, but with companies like Horizon Globex coming up with exciting innovations, we will begin to see the blockchain more and more in our everyday lives.

According to the world of tech news, the uses and opportunities for blockchain are vast and varied.

What the blockchain delivers is a ledger of truth and this can be used for things like smart contracts, real estate, encrypted messaging and stock exchange.

The research and development team at Horizon Globex have been busy developing ways to bring the blockchain technology to a wider audience and to make it more accessible.

They achieved this through Talketh – the world’s first telephone network that you can pay for using cryptocurrency.

The blockchain is envisioned as only being available to those on the wealthy spectrum, but Talketh eliminates this by making it available to those who do not use banking services – the unbanked.

Instead of paying premium rates to call and text friends and family, even those on 2G and 3G networks, can now use Talketh to communicate with their loved ones at more competitive rates and without the need for credit cards or banking.

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