By Sandra Quinn

At this year’s European Conference on Information Systems in Portsmouth in the UK, Horizon Globex contributed to the Blockchain Workshop with three papers.

We have previously written about the first and second papers we presented, but if you missed them, you can catch up here for the first paper and here to read the second paper.

Entitled “Blockchain VoIP Authentication of Text-to-Speech Conversations”, the paper was written by Rafael Dantas, Chris Exton and Andrew LeGear.

Despite significant advances in telecommunications with the adoption of 4G connections, many of the world’s mobile devices are still relying on 2G and 3G connections. This paper proposes that by converting all speech data into text streams, this would achieve greater compression rates and reduce the amount of excess data being sent across the internet.

The paper also looks at how blockchain technology could be used to authenticate the identity of the person on the call.

To read the full paper, click here.