Genius Group dual listing will work to expand access to a global, digital-first investor base

By Vanessa Malone

Genius Group Limited (NYSE American: GNS), a leading entrepreneur edtech and education group, announced its approval to dual list its shares on Upstream, a MERJ Exchange market. Trading begins on Upstream April 6th, 2023 at 10:00am ET under the ticker symbol GNS.

The dual listing on Upstream is designed to provide Genius Group the opportunity to access a global, digital-first investor base that can trade using USDC digital currency along with credit, debit, PayPal, and USD, unlocking liquidity and enhancing price discovery while globalizing the opportunity to invest in Genius Group.

Roger Hamilton, CEO of Genius Group, commented, “Building shareholder value is an ongoing goal of ours and we believe a dual listing on Upstream will unlock liquidity and enhance price discovery for our shareholders”.

How to get ready for a dual listing on Upstream

Global investors can get ready to trade by downloading Upstream from their preferred app store at, creating an account by tapping sign up, and completing a simple KYC identity verification by tapping the settings icon on the home screen and tapping KYC.* Reviews typically take within 48 hours, Monday through Friday.

How can existing shareholder transfer their shares

Existing shareholders may transfer their shares by opening Upstream, tapping Investor, Manage Securities, Deposit Securities, then entering the ticker symbol ‘GNS’ and the amount of shares to deposit, and tapping Submit. Next, enter your brokerage firm name and brokerage account number, and tap Submit. Finally, tap Add E-Signature, sign your name on the screen using your finger, tap Done, and then tap Sign.

After completion of the deposit request on Upstream, shareholders will receive via email an executed deposit form to submit to their current brokerage firm to initiate a withdraw to the transfer agent. It’s important to note that shares will not be transferred without notifying the current broker and requesting a withdraw. On listing day, shareholders will receive a push notification once the shares are deposited and available for trading on Upstream.

Upstream and Issuers do not charge for share transfers, however, transfer agents may charge investors for share transfers. Such fees are standard in the industry and if a fee is required, the transfer agent will alert the investor of such charges and how to pay via credit card, check or wire.

Details on how existing shareholders may transfer shares can be found here:

Discount coupon NFT versus commemorative NFT on listing day

On listing day, Genius Group is offering a free digital collectible NFT to commemorate the dual listing on Upstream. This digital collectible is available to the entire Upstream community, regardless of shareholding. The claim code to receive this NFT will be announced on listing day, April 6th.

Once the claim code is revealed all users have to do is open Upstream, tap Investor, NFT, NFT Claim, and enter the code. Users will find their NFT in their Upstream portfolio to hold as a digital keepsake.

Genius Group shareholders as of the record date February 28, 2023, may continue to claim and redeem their discount coupon NFTs.

Don’t miss these key steps when claiming and redeeming digital coupon NFTs on Upstream!

  1. Download Upstream and tap sign up to create your blockchain wallet.
  2. Complete KYC identity verification. Tap settings in the top right of the app, then KYC. (Submissions typically reviewed within 48 hours Mon-Fri)
  3. Claim your digital coupon NFT. Tap Investor, NFT, NFT Claim and enter the claim code the issuer announced. (Shareholder verification and coupon distribution to your Upstream portfolio typically within 72 hours)
  4. Redeem your digital coupon NFT. To redeem the NFT once you see it in your Upstream portfolio, tap investor, NFT, NFT redeem, select the ticker symbol for the digital coupon NFT, and tap redeem. You’ll be shown your unique redemption code to be used as issuer instructs.

What trading on Upstream looks like

Traders on Upstream’s blockchain-powered platform will experience real-time trading and settlement and a transparent orderbook which does not permit common market manipulations.

The Upstream market is open 5 days a week 20 hours a day, Monday to Friday: 10:00am to 06:00am UTC+4 (1:00am to 9:00pm EST).


This blog shall not constitute an offer to sell securities or the solicitation of an offer to buy securities in any jurisdiction where such offer or solicitation is not permitted.

Upstream and Issuers do not charge for share transfers, however, transfer agents may charge investors for share transfers. Such fees are standard in the industry and if a fee is required, the transfer agent will alert the investor of such charges and how to pay via credit card, check or wire.

Discount coupon NFTs received are redeemable for iGEMs, equivalent to $10 per share, however the NFTs have no royalties, equity ownership, or dividends. NFTs are for utility, collection, redemption or display purposes only.

*If you are a U.S. or Canadian-based citizen or permanent resident that has invested in a company that’s listed on Upstream, you may transfer your shares to Upstream and sell them on Upstream’s trading app for liquidation purposes only. You are not permitted to purchase shares of other companies listed on Upstream at this time. Anyone may buy and sell NFTs on Upstream.

If funding Upstream with an ACH or wire bank payment, users must complete Upstream’s in-app KYC process to get their new, FDIC insured, Upstream U.S. bank account details via email. Users may then initiate a funds-transfer from their bank or financial institution to this new U.S. Dollar bank account. If you haven’t completed KYC yet, or didn’t select ‘Bank’ as the ‘Deposit From’ option when you completed the process initially, then please go through KYC again selecting the ‘Bank’ payment method. Users may complete the simple KYC process by tapping the settings icon and the KYC option inside the Upstream app.

Upstream is a MERJ Exchange market. MERJ Exchange is a licensed Securities Exchange, an affiliate of the World Federation of Exchanges, a National Numbering Agency and member of ANNA. MERJ supports global issuers of traditional and digital securities through the entire asset life cycle from issuance to trading, clearing, settlement, and registry. It operates a fair and transparent marketplace in line with international best practices and principles of operations of financial markets. Upstream does not endorse or recommend any public or private securities bought or sold on its app. Upstream does not offer investment advice or recommendations of any kind. All services offered by Upstream are intended for self-directed clients who make their own investment decisions without aid or assistance from Upstream. All customers are subject to the rules and regulations of their jurisdiction. By accessing the site or app, you agreed to be bound by its terms of use and privacy policy. Company and security listings on Upstream are only suitable for investors who are familiar with and willing to accept the high risk associated with speculative investments, often in early and development stage companies. There can be no assurance the valuation of any particular company’s securities is accurate or in agreement with the market or industry comparative valuations. Investors must be able to afford market volatility and afford the loss of their investment. Companies listed on Upstream are subject to significant ongoing corporate obligations including, but not limited to disclosure, filings, and notification requirements, as well as compliance with applicable quantitative and qualitative listing standards.

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