By Sandra Quinn

“Crypto Valley” Zug, Switzerland – Feb/8/2018 – Horizon Globex, a leading specialist in Blockchain software, today announced the launch of its Ethereum blockchain Chat-Notarization app,

The Horizon technology certifies the authenticity of on-the-record online conversations, as witnessed, digitally signed and time-stamped blockchain truths. notarizes attribution, time and content, using independently verifiable proofs that live forever on the Ethereum blockchain.  This technology protects conversations from unwanted edits, plausible deniability and is a decentralized global record that state-actors, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others, can never modify or delete.

A limitation of the financial cryptocurrency success of Bitcoin and Ethereum is the rising cost to execute transactions on these dominant blockchains. This service was specifically designed with long-term affordability in mind. Horizon optimized it so the price of notarization will never exceed $1, even if Ethereum reaches a cost of $20,000 per Ether.

CEO of Horizon, Brian Collins said; “We bring the certainty of our commercial track record and our amazing software ingenuity to the blockchain to deliver our first Ethereum app. Following-on from the commercial launch of our 10kWp Solar energy Ethereum mine last December, we will run on a Carbon Neutral basis for at least the first 100,000 contracts”.

CTO Dr. Andrew Le Gear added; “Today, our use of social media chatting is standard, and at Horizon we considered that not only should our chats be private, they should, on occasion, be formally agreed upon for matters such as a price or perhaps a delivery date. A notary public would typically perform such agreement attestations. However, using the power of the blockchain, can forever store irrefutable proof of chat agreements for a buck”.


About Horizon Globex:
A Crypto Valley (Zug, Switzerland) blockchain business with 20 years’ experience licensing commercial software. Delivering over $1m in annual revenues for over 10 years. $2m Management Buyout of the business and staff from a Nasdaq-listed company in August 2017 by the original founder, Brian Collins.

About Ethereum
Ethereum builds on blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts. It is software that runs on a network of computers ensuring data and computer programs, called Smart Contracts, are processed on all computers on the network, without a central coordinator. The vision is to create unstoppable censorship-resistant self-sustaining decentralized programs,

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