By Sandra Quinn

As Valentine’s Day looms, those in relationships agonise over what to give their other half to show them how much they mean to them and those who are on the cusp of making a relationship official are struggling to find something small, yet meaningful, to give to their partner.

What if, for less than a price of a cup of coffee, you could buy the perfect gift, which is not only romantic and shows that you are all loved up, but is also unique and quirky?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Horizon Globex have launched the perfect product with their Love on the Horizon certificate of love.

A certificate of love, pray tell what is that and why do I need one, I hear you ask?

At the moment, Blockchain and Ethereum are very much the buzz words in technology, but some of you think that they might only be relevant if you are hoping to invest in the world’s most valuable digital currency at the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Now, Horizon Globex, with offices in the University of Limerick, are bringing the relevance of Blockchain and Ethereum into your relationship with the certificate of love.

For just $1 or 84c (depending on where in the world you are), you can visit click the link and get your own certificate of love with a printable certificate that you can give to your other half in person.

Again, I hear you ask, what does this mean?

The Blockchain put simply is like a ledger of truth, it is completely and verifiably true at any point in time and like a letter signed by a barrister or officer of the court, it cannot be questioned, is online forever and is unbiased.

While this is obviously extremely useful for things like financial transactions and contracts, why not bring in into the realm of love?

By giving your loved one a Love on the Horizon certificate of love, you are not just giving them a Valentine’s Day card, or a bunch of flowers, you are declaring online forever that your love is here for all of eternity.

It is the ultimate way to show your love (in a wonderfully nerdy way that is really special) and it will still only cost you a buck.

Your certificate can be printed off to give to your loved one and it will also be on the Ethereum Blockchain forever and ever and ever – and they lived happily ever after on the Ethereum Blockchain.

To purchase yours, simply visit