Upstream works with college athletes to integrate NFT strategies to build and monetize their personal brands

NCAA D1 college athlete, Robert Cowherd Joins Upstream and launches his first NFT

by Fernanda De La Torre

Upstream works with college athletes to monetize their personal brands using digital collectibles. This week Robert Cowherd became the first NCAA D1 player to launch a limited edition NFT trading card on Upstream. 250 trading card NFTs are available for $5 each on the next generation trading app:

Help build your brand with NFTs

Building a personal brand has always been an important factor in attracting big-name deals in the pro leagues. Forward-thinking college athletes are building their social media presence at the start of their athletic careers and offering digital collectibles (NFTs) can help monetize their name, image, and likeness (NIL) early on.

NFTs also work to bring fans closer to their favorite athletes by allowing alumni and supporters to own and collect meaningful digital collectibles from aspiring professional athletes at the start of their athletic careers. As the athlete’s career progresses, they’ll be able to recognize who their day one supporters and first NFT holders are.

For instance, Robert Cowherd’s trading card NFT gives holders access to a Web3 community where fans can safely hold and trade digital collectibles. First NFT holders will have bragging rights and immutable proof that they’ve been supporting his career from the beginning.

“My limited edition NFT allows me to connect with those who support me and contribute to the success of my career from the very beginning,” says Robert Cowherd Jr. “Upstream made the entire process seamless for me to start selling digital collectibles and build my Web3 audience.”

NFTs on Upstream puts control in the athlete’s hands

Athletes now have the financial control to get paid and capitalize on NFTs billion-dollar market, thanks to new NCAA rules governing name, image, and likeness (NIL).

This new ruling puts the power in the athlete’s hands, giving them access to revenue streams they’re in full control of.

There has never been a better time for college athletes to begin incorporating Web3 strategies to help grow their careers and jump-start their success.

Getting started on Upstream

Upstream makes it simple to start integrating digital collectibles into your athletic career. No upfront costs, no exclusive agreement, no creation or tech fees all on a safe and secure NFT platform.

  1. Sign a non-exclusive agreement
  2. Fill out a short form for us to create your very own NFT collection page to drive your supporters to
  3. Send us a pic or video so we can create your customized digital trading card NFT
  4. Join a quick call to get your account set up and set your launch date
  5. Share the news with the world on your social media and start earning cash on any NFT sales

View our detailed instructions on how to get started on Upstream as an NFT creator here.

Benefits of athletes launching digital collections on Upstream

  • Upstream, a MERJ Exchange Market, is the first regulated securities exchange to offer NFTs. The measures we have in place work to protect your brand and your fans.
  • Upstream features no upfront costs, no contract or lock-in period for athletes, and no gas fees charged to users which enables athletes to offer thousands or millions of low-cost and premium NFTs.
  • Athletes can integrate a royalty to their NFTs and continue to receive royalty payments throughout the NFTs’ lifecycles. Athletes may withdraw proceeds immediately after sale to fuel their career and enjoy continued fan engagement through trading.
  • Upstream is 100% carbon neutral with its own solar “field” for ETH mining used for our Ethereum layer-2 rollups.
  • Upstream simplifies the fan user journey on its secure, eco-friendly platform. Fans can claim or purchase NFTs using PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, US dollars, or digital currency in the form of USDC Stablecoin.

Concluding thoughts

NFTs can create a continuous revenue stream that college athletes can take advantage of, especially now that NCAA rules are putting financial control back into their hands. We believe that NFTs can assist athletes in funding new ventures and develop fan engagement plays that have the potential to yield extraordinary results.

Interested athletes can reach the team at

Click to view our athlete one-pager.

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