How to capture retail investors when dual listing on Upstream 

Maximizing Retail Investor Reach Through Strategic Engagement Strategies By Fernanda De La Torre  Last week, we explored the intricate process of dual listing on Upstream, shedding light on how companies can expand their reach and tap into a global pool of investors. This week, we pivot our focus to the crucial aspect of attracting retail […]Continue Reading

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How Issuers Can Increase Shareholder Engagement with Upstream

Upstream goes beyond offering a global reach and gives issuers ways to deepen connections with their shareholders By Fernanda De La Torre  In today’s digital age, shareholder engagement is more important than ever. Investors are looking for companies that are transparent, communicative, and innovative. Upstream, a MERJ Exchange market, offers a unique platform that empowers […]Continue Reading

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Upstream modernizing shareholder engagement

Increasing opportunities for issuers to engage with their shareholders on Upstream’s market By Anastasia Samaras Imagine a world where shareholders become loyal customers and customers become invested shareholders. This innovative vision is at the heart of Upstream’s digital shareholder rewards, added value for companies to boost shareholder engagement, and enhance investor relations (IR) through dual […]Continue Reading

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