T+2 to T+1, Upstream’s global market is already at T+0 trading and settlement

Experience the Future of trading with Upstream’s T+0 Settlement Times  By Fernanda De La Torre  As of May 28, 2024, Nasdaq and other U.S. capital markets have transitioned to a T+1 settlement cycle for securities trading. 1 This means that trades of stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), corporate bonds, and other securities now settle in one […]Continue Reading

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U.S. SEC Approves Spot Ether ETFs Following Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval Earlier This Year

Now accepting applications for ether ETFs to trade on Upstream’s Ethereum powered market and trading app By Fernanda De La Torre  On May 22, 2024, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)approved the first eight applications for spot ether Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), marking a significant milestone in the crypto, and greater blockchain community.1.  This decision […]Continue Reading

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How to capture retail investors when dual listing on Upstream 

Maximizing Retail Investor Reach Through Strategic Engagement Strategies By Fernanda De La Torre  Last week, we explored the intricate process of dual listing on Upstream, shedding light on how companies can expand their reach and tap into a global pool of investors. This week, we pivot our focus to the crucial aspect of attracting retail […]Continue Reading

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Factors to consider before dual listing your company

How does Upstream, a MERJ Exchange market, address common hurdles issuers face when dual listing By Fernanda De La Torre and Vanessa Malone In recent discussions, we’ve delved into the strategic benefits that dual listing offers to companies aiming to appeal to international investors. This week, we’re shifting our focus to the essential factors that […]Continue Reading

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How Issuers Can Increase Shareholder Engagement with Upstream

Upstream goes beyond offering a global reach and gives issuers ways to deepen connections with their shareholders By Fernanda De La Torre  In today’s digital age, shareholder engagement is more important than ever. Investors are looking for companies that are transparent, communicative, and innovative. Upstream, a MERJ Exchange market, offers a unique platform that empowers […]Continue Reading

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Upstream Up Close: Introducing Upstream Accelerate

Raise sponsorship by selling digital collectibles By Fernanda De La Torre This week, The Upstream team hosted the 13th episode of their “Upstream Up Close” series on Twitter Spaces. This ongoing series features 10–15 minute discussions on the exciting world of digital collectibles, Web3, and trading on Upstream, a MERJ Exchange market. We took look […]Continue Reading

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Introducing Upstream’s dual listing issuer: PetVivo Holdings, Inc.

Broadening investor access on Upstream’s Global Securities Trading App By Fernanda De La Torre This week, we announced PetVivo Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: PETV & PETVW) (“PetVivo”) live dual listing on Upstream under the ticker symbol ‘PETV’. The dual listing on Upstream works to provide digital-first investors around the world with streamlined access to PetVivo shares […]Continue Reading

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Upstream gives global exposure opportunity to dual listing issuers

Unlock enhanced liquidity potential and a diverse investor base with Upstream By Fernanda De La Torre  In the dynamic world of trading, Upstream, a MERJ Exchange market, aims to be a pivotal trading venue that not only expands reach to new international investors but also leverages our media community to increase visibility around an issuer’s […]Continue Reading

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Upstream Announces Exchange Dual Listing Program for 2024

Upstream working to create economic development for foreign exchanges and their issuers with streamlined dual listings on Upstream’s global trading app By Fernanda De La Torre As it stands today, it is difficult for international investors to buy U.S. and Canadian listed securities. Retail investors outside the U.S. and Canada don’t typically have streamlined access to […]Continue Reading

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Upstream Up Close: bitcoin ETFs and the future of blockchain-powered trading

Now accepting applications for Bitcoin ETFs to trade on Upstream’s next-generation retail trading app By Fernanda De La Torre The first Upstream Up Close episode of the year dropped today, this week’s focus, bitcoin ETFs! Following the SEC’s recent approval of the first U.S.-listed bitcoin ETFs on January 10, 2024, aimed at tracking bitcoin’s performance, […]Continue Reading

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